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PASRR/LOC Information


Our next PASRR/LOC training is due to go from 4/26/14-6/28/14. The brochure/registration is available at April 26-June 28 PASRR/LOC .

There are some great aspects of this course;

1. We take the process slowly. We provide about an hour worth of material each week for ten weeks.

2. We provide 5 True/False questions weekly with the material. If you want to answer them weekly you can do so. If you do this, Dominic will provide feedback to you usually the same day and sometimes right away depending how busy he is at the time. If you want to answer them at the end of the course, you can also do that.

3. The material is always updated on a regular basis. We always have a reviewer from Preadmission Review examine the material accuracy.

4. If you have questions throughout the course, just email them and we are happy to help.

5. Most importantly, we just try to have fun with it.

We also have two new Home Study Programs for Social Worker and Nurses in Ohio. The Ohio HOME Choice Program and The Ohio Assisted Living Waiver. Each one is 3 CEU's. The cost for each is $25.00. If you purchase both programs, the cost is $45.00 for 6 CEU's.  The Brochure/Registration for HOME Choice is available at HOME Choice .    The Brochure/Registration for the Ohio Assisted Living Waiver is available at Assisted Living.

   For a draft of the New PASRR Rules regarding use of the 7000 form, go to PAS Draft Rules . Even though the rules haven't been enacted as yet,  The budget bill (House Bill- HB 59) indicates that  hospital exemptions (7000 forms) are not allowed for patients coming from a state or private psychiatric hospital or unit. These patients may be admitted to a Medicaid certified NF, but they must go through the normal Preadmission Screening (PAS) process to determine if they need the services of a NF instead of being screened by the 29th day after the date of admission through a Resident Review (RR). The requirement in HB 59 took effect starting on September 30, 2013. For a list of Private Psychiatric Hospitals in Ohio, go to Psychiatric Hospitals

It's more important then ever to know the PASRR process.
One of the new reimbursement criteria for NF's in the Governor's new budget
is 95% PASRR compliance with resident reviews for residents admitted with a hospital exemption.

For LOC (Level of Care) Questions & Answers, go to LOC Q&A  

For PASRR/LOC Most Used Scenarios, go to Most Used Scenarios

Send us an email anytime at ltcohio1@yahoo.com and we would be glad to assist.